H&A launches its new website

28 October 2019

You think, You talk, You decide: The new website of H&A, a commitment to the future opened to the clients' collaboration.

28 October 2019

In memoriam Jean Marc Colanesi

We have the pleasure of presenting the new website of H&A. In the same way as the inauguration of new physical offices is presented to the public, in this digital age it is also very important to announce the opening of a new virtual space from where we will provide services in those areas in which we are specialised.

The new H&A website is not just another simple website. When the master Jean Marc Colanesi began the project, he put forth a major challenge. Most of the world’s websites are samplers. They outline what is on offer, in the hope that this fits with the interests of clients, visitors or the consumer of the information and services that are segmented and set forth in said website. Jean Marc proposed to overturn this, and that the needs of the client, the visitor or consumer be what guides the construction of our website.

This is the path we followed. We have now reached the intermediate phase having achieved our objectives, at least we hope. Intermediate because this cannot be the end of the journey. Each time a client or consumer voices their opinion, their concerns, their doubts, we will need to examine whether we are considering this point of view, and if this is not the case, we must include it. We have a duty to the needs and demands of our clients. And we are proud to be able to please them.

This is why the motto presiding over this new website is:

You think, You talk, You decide.

As has always been the philosophy of H&A, the client is who marks what it wants or needs. We find a way of achieving this or, if it is too difficult or complicated, we offer alternatives. This vocation to customer service is what has made us great in less than 40 years. And it is what continues to motivate the new generations of professionals that join this common project.

We hope that from that world of football and cycling where he now surely resides, Jean Marc sees this child with pride, which belongs more to him than to anyone else, because he conceived it, directed and, as he always did, endowed it with a special and distinct aspect that we have tried to maintain. This is dedicated to you, my friend.

Communications Department


Communication Department.


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