General Director
Madrid Office
T +34 91 522 74 20


Lawyer . Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1.991 – 1.996).

State Attorney (1.996 – 2.001).


Spanish, English, German.


Abraham started his professional career as State Attorney, in all jurisdictional areas, mainly in Civil and litigation area, and specializing in administrative law.

In 2009 he joined the legal department of Barclays Bank Spain, as General Vice secretary, coordinating all litigation work of the company, managing the stock market responsible attorneys, corporative secretary and council of several companies of the Barclays group. He also managed the customer services of the company.

He is appointed General Secretary of Barclays Bank Spain in 2014, managing and controlling the whole Legal Department area of the company as well as the supervision of the internal validation unit .

He joins PwC in 2014 as Partner at banking law area, becoming responsible of investment institutions and stock, compliance externalization, corporate governance and disciplinary administrative law in banking and stock area.

In 2017 he joins KPMG as Partner under responsibility of Financial Regulation. He joins H&A as Corporate General Manager in 2018.

«Serving our clients is our maximum priority.»