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Graduate in Biology, specializing in fundamental and health biology, University of Navarre (2000).

Graduate in Biochemistry, the University of Navarre (2001).

M. Sc. in Biotechnology by Aliter Business School (2002).

“Patent Litigation in Europe”. Centre d’Études Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI). Université de Stasbourg.

European Patent Attorney.

Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorney.


Spanish, English, French.


Íñigo Pradera has been a patent consultant with H&A since 2002.

He is a qualified European Patent Attorney (EQE 2010). His practice is mainly focused on the pharmaceutical and biotechnological field, where his main tasks are related to drafting and prosecution work, as well as to the preparation of patentability, infringement and freedom-to-operate reports.

Íñigo is also experienced in the prosecution of SPCs and in carrying out prior art searches in patent databases. He has also been involved as an expert witness in patent infringement lawsuits in the pharmaceutical field and he has plenty of experience in Oral Proceeding before the EPO.

Íñigo has been a speaker at different Spanish universities in patent-related forums.

He has also been involved in some IP publications.

«There are not irrelevant inventions, you only have to know how to create value from them.»

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