Latinamerican desk Coordinator
International communication Manager
IP Consultant
Madrid Office
T +34 91 522 74 20


Graduate in English Studies, University of Almería and Royal Holloway University of London.


Spanish, English, Portuguese.


Isabel Rebolledo started her IP career in 2006. She joined H&A in 2007 managing the Patent and Design portfolios of Foreign clients in Europe (EPO, OHIM), Spain, Portugal and rest of the world.

Having gained experience and knowledge of the IP world, Isabel took over our LPS division (LPS is for Latin-American Patent Service) in 2012. In 2018 she takes the responsibility of coordination of the operations of H&A in Latin-American countries.

Isabel supervises and coordinates all matters related to H&A operations in Latinamerica, being a “bridge” between the client and the sometimes complex Latinamerica IP constellation.

«You can never go wrong if you work with a great team.»

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