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Graduate in Law, University of Deusto.

Graduate in Philosophy and History, University of Deusto.

Master in Business Administration, University of the Basque Country.

Diploma in Legal Practice, Illustrious Bar Association of Biscay​.


Network Development (Shell Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

Business Management and Marketing.

General Course on Intellectual Property (WIPO).

Advanced Course on E-Commerce and Intellectual Property (WIPO).

Competition Law.

Trade Mark Law.


Legal protection of software and contracts regarding software.

Legal safety and copyright in cloud computing.

English for Business Law.

Market Research.

Project Management.

Conflict Management.



Spanish, English, French.


José Luis Sagarduy’s professional life commenced with a position in the oil industry, working with Shell Spain, where he became familiar with the modus operandi of large international corporations.

He started out in the IP sector in 2001, where he was mainly promoting consultancy work for large companies and institutions, establishing IP management services, negotiating agreements, assessing technology projects, IP asset valuation and organizing Open Innovation based on IP.

He has developed partnerships with governments, Autonomous Communities and other Spanish and foreign government bodies promoting the protection of innovation as a formula for competitiveness and for obtaining returns as well as training in these subject matters. He also participates in several transnational projects concerning innovation protection.

José Luis Sagarduy is part of the team of arbiters and mediators of the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Arbitration and Mediation Center.
He also is a member of the Basque Academy of Law.

He regularly gives seminars, courses and conferences on Intellectual Property and Copyright; he has already held over one hundred such classes in business forums, in academic and institutional settings. For instance he has been an educator with the University of Deusto for the master programme on Competitiveness and Innovation as well as the master on Business Administration.

There are more than 30 publications about innovation and intellectual property authored by José Luis Sagarduy, who has been a frequent contributor in financial publications and specialized press.

«If you do things as you have always done, you will never advance any further.»