Madrid Office
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Degrees in Law and Business Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid
Master’s Degree for Admission to the Bar from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF) of Madrid.

Master’s Degree (LL.M.) in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations from the Higher Institute for Law and Economics (ISDE) of Madrid.

Member of the Madrid Bar Association.

US Law and Mediation Course from the Columbia University.

Expert Course in Civil and Commercial Mediation from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF) of Madrid.

Course on Legal Oratory and Drafting from the Center for Financial Studies (CEF) of Madrid.

Introduction Course to American Law from the Institute of International Legal Studies.


Spanish, English.


Jose Maria started his professional career in the Digital Strategy Department of the Spanish Postal Service (Correos), leading or participating in multiple digital projects, including the development of “Smart City” and several website-apps.

He joined the International Trademark Department of H&A in June, 2017. Jose Maria’s deep knowledge concerning IP matters allows him to offer legal and corporate advice to clients on other key areas as well.

«Meeting is the beginning; remaining together is progress; working together is success.»