The use of audiovisual content is increasing on a daily basis. We do it through radio, television, mobile, tablet, and now, we can choose where and how we want to access this type of content.

Audiovisual communication has changed so much in the recent years, to the point that it is unimaginable for us to go to the video store to rent a film, or wait for it be released on DVD. In fact, blockbusters and DVDs are actually vintage.

However, this transformation has also brought with it the need for more specialized legal advice, which requires to understand the characteristics of the sector and the regulation changes that are to come at European and Spanish level: the essential support for moving forward with the certainty that all our work follows the rules and regulations and is fully protected by Law .

The protection of audiovisual contents, on constant update

  • From September 2020, all audiovisual media service providers must comply with the amendments contained in the new Audiovisual Services Directive.
  • The scope of the Directive is extended to information society service providers, as well as to on-demand audiovisual media service providers.
  • Among other new features, it establishes new obligations regarding the protection of children, new limitations on commercial advertising, as well as minimum percentages of European production on video-on-demand (VoD) platforms.
  • All of this, maintaining the special conditions of protection to authors, performers and players, audiovisual editors and producers, ruled on different laws and rules, configuring a complex framework that must be present in the drafting of each contract.

How we can help you

  • Giving you the necessary legal advice to comply with the provisions of the new Directive.
  • Adapting your company's activities to the new legal requirements.
  • Looking for the best way to finance your audiovisual works and managing the application for public grants.
  • Drafting reports on audiovisual, industrial and/or intellectual property Law, in order to advice you with any doubts you may have.
  • Protecting your intellectual creations before the corresponding Industrial and Intellectual Property Offices.
  • Reviewing and drafting the different type of agreements that applies in the audiovisual field, in order to protect your rights properly (authors, filmmakers, screenwriters, merchandising, sponsorship, etc).
  • Representing you legally in proceedings before the CNMC (Spanish Competition Authority), AUTOCONTROL and/or the Spanish Courts.

H&A, your reliable counsel in the complex truss of audio-visual works rights.


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