Personal data: a delicate issue

The use of personal data as hard currency has resulted, on occasions, in unlawful intrusions into the lives of citizens.

European authorities have tried to put an end to the indiscriminate and illegal use of this information, significantly tightening the legislation and increasing the penalties for the inappropriate use of said information.

Consequently, if you collect personal data you must be completely up-to-date in order to avoid legal problems and severe fines.

How is personal data protected?

  • In order to avoid problems in the collection, processing and use of personal data, a deep and thorough understanding of the main rules that regulate data processing in Spain is essential: the EU Regulation (GDPR) and internal Spanish legislation (LOPD - Spanish Data Protection Act). 
  • Previous legislation detailed the security measures that needed to be implemented by all those processing personal data.  
  • With the current legislation, data protection depends on the type of personal data processing carried out in each particular case. 
  • The data controller shall be directly responsible for defining the measures that serve to handle and protect personal data. 
  • The fines for the undue processing of personal data may amount to 20 million euros or 4% of the previous financial period’s turnover. 

Can you help me with such a complex framework?

  • Of course. We put at your disposal our experience as expert professionals within this field. 
  • We prepare the personal data protection policies and the legal documentation adapted to the new Regulation. 
  • We draft the clauses and provisions that must be included when personal data is collected. 
  • We implement technical and organisational measures that need to be complied with in each specific case in order to protect personal data. 
  • We carry out periodic adjustments and audits to ensure compliance of the legislation. 
  • We provide data protection awareness and training plans to the company’s personnel. 
  • We provide a comprehensive monitoring schedule focused on compliance of the legislation. 

Each company must process personal data differently, in line with the type of data collected and the use given there to.
This is why you need advice.


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