Your website is your point of sale, your home, the place where you concentrate your efforts to reach as many potential customers as possible. Your presence on the internet implies complying with certain legal requirements.

The website is affected by many laws and has to comply with various and different formalities: LSSI, LOPD, GDPR, etc. Legislative changes introduce new variables that must be taken into account and require periodic reviews.

H&A is expertised in tailoring websites to your legal needs depending on their purpose, use and Internet presence.

Experts in Digital Law

  • Updated adaptation of the websites to actual compliance with current legislation.
  • Neither more protection than you need, nor too many formalities.
  • Permanent contact to solve your doubts.
  • We prepare the necessary disclaimers for your website to comply with all legal obligations: privacy policy, legal notice, cookies policy and terms and conditions of contract.
  • Revision of your web related programs
  • We help you to set up your online shop, providing it with all the necessary legal instruments.
  • Legal assessment on industrial property (design) and intellectual property (graphics and photos) of your website

Protect your brand online

Some domain names, social media profiles or sales of counterfeit products can cause irreparable reputational damage to your business: fight them.

When a third party places your logo as a cover image on their social media profile, they may be infringing your rights and causing confusion among your customers or reputational damage. Do not allow this.

We help you protecting your online brand on social networks, marketplaces and in the online environment.

  • Reporting any social media profile that infringes on your brand.
  • We advise you in case of trademark infringement of a domain name.
  • Assistance and representation in arbitration proceedings for domain name recovery, cancellation or blocking, Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Uniform Resolution System (URS).
  • We act against counterfeiting and trademark infringement on marketplaces.
  • Assesment in the event of identity theft or internet scams
  • Regular monitoring of online brand usage.

The challenges faced by each website are different.
Do you know yours? At H&A we can advise you.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.