From the sketch to the final consumer, protect your rights

The Fashion Industry is in a state of constant change, as are the enormous variety of rights related to this sector.

Fashion plays a very big part in our lives, much more than we could ever imagine. The world of Fashion involves not only designers or models, but also agents, influencers, marketing and advertising specialists, small and medium companies, and big companies too. All of these groups of professionals are connected to different fields such as the manufacturing, distribution, transportation or advertising, each of them with their own rights and obligations, areas of influence and conflicts.

It is for this precise reason that it becomes very necessary to receive a vast legal support in all areas which encompass every single aspect related to the fashion world. Simply because we want to protect our designs and our rights, simply because we want to protect Fashion.

Invest in Fashion Law relying on H&A’s complete services

  • You have a lot to protect concerning your project and your business. Did you know that?The brand is the seal of identity of any firm or company. Its protection and globalization is essential.
  • The industrial design is the differentiating character of your products in the market. Even more so in the fashion business.
  • The creation brings novelty and innovative improvements to the market. Set the difference.
  • Sponsorships and advertising are crucial in this sector and must be perfectly controlled. If you use social media and influencers, this is also the case.
  • The webpage is your presentation card to the digital world and determines your positioning on the web.
  • The correct formalization of contracts with your suppliers and partners (licensees, distributors, manufacturers, designers, brand ambassadors, etc.), is of utmost importance.
  • Sustainability plays a key role in fashion with the aim to care for our planet and workers.
  • Counterfeiting seriously damages the brand's image and reputation. Fight this problem.
  • There are other necessary branches of law, vital in Fashion, such as labour law, criminal law , and financial or commercial law, among others.

How we can help you from the H&A Fashion Law Department

  • We identify your legal and business needs in order to set up a plan of action.
  • We advise you concerning all the necessary aspects, taking into account the regulations and legal standards that affect the sector and from the business perspective of fashion.
  • We study the registration viability of your brands, designs and inventions. We accompany you throughout the registration process and we safeguard your rights.
  • We draw up and review contracts with suppliers, resorting to negotiation processes if necessary, also on terms of franchises.
  • We protect your Intellectual Property creations.
  • We act upon counterfeited products and defend your rights in Court.
  • We prepare the data protection policies and legal documentation adapted to the legal regulations in force for your website.
  • We set up your virtual shop providing it with all the legal instruments needed.
  • We manage labelling procedures, EC type-approval and health registrations.
  • We carry out the valuation of intangible assets.
  • We protect your most precious intangible assets by means of business secret.

Fashion law is changing at a very fast pace.
Let us guide you.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.