Creating a design from scratch costs a lot of time and money. Copying doesn’t cost anything. This is why it is important that you register your creations or, at the very least, that you keep proof that you are the creator.

Although you are protected by Intellectual Property legislation, you must register your design to give it industrial use without any problems.

How do I protect myself?

  • There is no global registration, but there does exist an EU design that offers protection in all the EU countries. 
  • Spain is a signatory to international treaties that permit extending the geographical protection of these designs. 
  • If you are in the fashion business, or any other field in which the design is perishable, you may use the unregistered EU design. 

We help you

  • We study the type of design that adapts to your needs. 
  • We research the viability of the design, including researching the novelty and individual character of the design. 
  • We detect your protection needs. 
  • We prepare all the documentation, specifications, drawings or any other graphic representation. 
  • We file the registration application in any country of the world using the international conventions where possible. 
  • We defend your designs against any attack. 
  • We offer customised surveillance and control services. 
  • We value your designs and audit your portfolio. 
  • We defend your rights in any type of proceedings. 
  • All of which.... acting in all countries around the world. 

Each case is different, and it is necessary to select the most adequate type of design. We help you choose. 


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.