Training: a constant at H&A

At H&A training is a priority. Our staff constantly participates in refresher courses and training in different subjects. This gives us a great competitive advantage. And if it is useful for us, why not for our clients?

A well-trained professional may identify needs, strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. And the availability of these profiles, renowned professionals, is a significant advantage within the field of industrial and intellectual property. This is why this service is made available to our clients. Because we are interested in your progress and advancement.

The advantages of having staff trained in industrial and intellectual property

  • By improving the know-how and skills of your staff, intangible assets are managed more efficiently. 
  • Trained staff can be more practical when dealing with industrial and intellectual property matters. 
  • And they are better qualified to detect new protection and business opportunities. 
  • Training facilitates exchanging experiences with other members of the company and with H&A professionals. 
  • The examples used in the courses originate from the company itself, simplifying the training and thus facilitating the growth of the company by fostering knowledge and the flow of information. 

Our method

  • We study how the company handles industrial and intellectual property matters. 
  • We identify the training needs of staff. We divide it by areas of activity, if appropriate. 
  • We set goals and the purpose of the training. 
  • We design and develop the programmes for each group in accordance with the needs detected in each one of these groups. 
  • We provide the company with progress reports of those attending the training sessions. 
  • We measure the results and issue a final report. 
  • We open a direct line of communication so as to clarify any doubts. 

Training needs vary according to the person in question, the subject and the importance of intangible assets to the company.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.