Defending your rights: a headache for you

In Industrial Property, Intellectual Property and other related legal disciplines, it is becoming increasingly more complicated to find the appropriate jurisdiction, the appropriate Court in which to file the action and the arguments to use.

Case law must pronounce itself in regard to increasingly complex issues that mix together real life with digital life, open markets with closed and limited protection.

Only the most professional experts, such as ours, can find speedy and precise solutions.

But, why am I going to need a lawyer?

  • You don’t always initiate the lawsuit. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of one.  
  • If you need us, we are ready. 
  • We advise you with the purpose of avoiding lawsuits. An agreement is always better than a lawsuit. 
  • But if you end up with a lawsuit, we provide you with the best defence anywhere in the world. 
  • Plan the protection of your rights before registering them. Prevention is the best option. 

What else can you do for me?

  • We negotiate agreements on your behalf. 
  • We draft and review contracts in the fields in which we are specialists. 
  • A contract is the law between the signatories: Do not sign contracts without having had them reviewed by an expert. 
  • We defend you against any claims filed before the Courts, arbitration bodies, administrative organisations in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property, domain names, data protection, unfair competition, piracy. 
  • All of which.... acting in all countries around the world. 

To avoid problems or to escape from them,
a good litigation department is essential


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.