European patent attorneys, official Spanish industrial property agents, and patent-specialized engineers.

Offices in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. We have a network of patent and registration specialists in the rest of the world: we know about patents.

Why should I register my patent?

  • Because you are unique: you have found something different. 
  • Because the value of your company resides in that difference. You must protect it. 
  • Because all the effort in reaching this point cannot be lost: do you want to register your patent. 

And why should I protect it with you?

  • Because drafting a patent specification requires technical knowledge, and processing know-how, so as to ensure correct protection. 
  • Because you can lose the value of your invention due to a technically incorrect specification. 

What you need to know to register a patent

  • A global patent does not exist: It must be registered country by country. 
  • There are international treaties that allow registrations with a greater geographical scope. 
  • The success of your patent depends on its specification. 

What do we do for you?

  • We register patents in all technical fields.  
  • We research the novelty, inventive activity and industrial application of your invention. 
  • We prepare the best specification to obtain the broadest and most efficient protection for your discovery. 
  • We file the application and we monitor its progress until resolution. 
  • We study and assess on your behalf the Report on the State of the Art. 
  • We defend the patent against any attack. 
  • We provide global surveillance of similar technology. 
  • We oppose similar patents. 
  • We study and manage your portfolio of inventions and provide advice based on your interests. 
  • We value your invention and audit your portfolio of patents and utility models. 
  • We act in all countries around the world 

To defend the value of my invention.

An entire team at your disposal


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