Copying is easier than creating

It is beyond all doubt. Copying is excessively easy, and whether we like it or not, all creations are at risk of being copied. In other words: anybody may take unfair advantage of your efforts. And this occurs, without any distinctions, both offline as well as online. 

Only those with knowledge of the mechanisms for fighting piracy from a global perspective can put an end to it.

Piracy can only be stopped through global actions

Discover your rights and prevent others from appropriating what is yours:  

  • Knowing the nature of the rights copied is essential. 
  • Implementing a world view with local action is vital.
  • Stopping the advertising of pirated goods avoids costly lawsuits and customs interventions.
  • However, if the counterfeit good is not stopped at the point of origin, it is necessary to count with the assistance of specialists in customs interventions. 

We fight against piracy

We help you:

  • Our ANTI-PIRACY / COUNTERFEITING PLATFORM detects Internet counterfeits (especially in Markets Online, Webs, Apps and Social Networks) and allows you to choose where to act and against whom.
  • Our ANTI-PIRACY / COUNTERFEITING PLATFORM memorizes and registers the infringers so that, when they change coverage, they are still located.
  • Memorises and registers pirates so that, when they relocate, they continue to be monitored.
  • We give you the option of acting locally, even if social media is not used.
  • We request immediate action by registering trademarks with the customs authorities.
  • We serve offenders with letters of formal notice demanding that they cease in their activity and destroy all pirated goods.
  • We verify with customs authorities that said goods have indeed been destroyed.
  • We coordinate with other law firms throughout the world that are experts in the international trafficking of pirated goods.
  • We exercise civil and criminal action to enforce your rights.
  • We provide legal services to put an end to parallel imports.
  • And we act in the recovery of cyber-pirated domain names.

Counterfeit goods: a genuine threat.
To put an end to those affecting your goods,


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.