WIPO-administered Treaties:

Contracting Party of the Hague System: NO 

Applicable Law: 

Chilean Law 19.039 

Grace period for filing applications, from disclosure: 

12 months. 

Multiple design applications -one application for different embodiments-available: 


Formal filing requirements: 

Identification of the applicant and the designer. 

 Power of Attorney: merely signed. 60 working days from Office Action.  

 Assignment document. When applicable. 60 working days from office Action.  

Priority document, when applicable. 90 days from filing. Mandatory Spanish translation.  



Locarno classification: 

Not part of the Locarno Agreement contracting parties, but Locarno Classification used in practice. 

Deferred publication: 

Yes. 18 months. 

Registration Proceeding Outline: 

Filing. Preliminary examination. Publication. Examination Request. Examiner's report. Decision. 


Yes. Within a 45 working days term from the publishing date. Cancellation is also possible, within 5 years from granting 

Average time from filing to grant: 

Around 3 years 

Term of Protection and Maintenance: 

10 years counted from the application date.