WIPO-administered Treaties: 

Contracting Party of the Madrid System: NO* (already approved by the Senate)  

Trade Mark Law in force: 

Industrial Property Law No. 19.039.

Last modification by Regulatory Decree No. 20569 of 6 February 2012. 


Nice classification, 11th edition. 

Multiclass Applications: 


Registrable trade marks: 

Words, names and all distinctive and graphically representable signs, as well as sound marks and slogans. 

Formal filing requirements: 

  • Power of Attorney merely signed (no legalization and no notarization required) 60 working days after the official request.
  • Copy of priority application (in color) and its translation into Spanish within 90 days from filing. 


Absolute grounds for refusal: YES.

Relative grounds for refusal: YES. 

Opposition period: 

30 working days from publication date. 

Average time from filing to grant: 

Approximately 8 months, unless any obstacles were raised. 

Term of protection: 

10 years from the date of registration. 

Use requirements: 


Renewal terms: 

6 months prior to renewal date.

Grace period: 30 days from expiration date, BUT 6 months as from April 01, 2021 (surcharge of 20% each month) except for sound, collective, certification, and warranty trademarks 

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