WIPO-administered Treaties:

Contracting Party of The Hague System: NO. 

Applicable Law: 

Industrial Property Law Decree 12-99-E, effective as of January 2000. 

Grace period for filing applications, from disclosure: 

1 year. 

Multiple design applications -one application for different embodiments-available: 


Formal filing requirements: 

Power of Attorney. Notarized + apostilled: 60 days from Office Action.  

Assignment document. Notarized + apostilled: 60 days from Office Action.  

Priority document: 90 days from filing.  

Graphic or photographic reproduction of the industrial design, possible to submit more than one view (plan, profile, section), if three-dimensional; if two-dimensional for textiles, paper or another flat material, the reproduction may be replaced by a sample of the product incorporating the design.

Designation of the products to which the design is to be applied to, with the class and subclass to which they belong.

Locarno classification: 


Deferred publication: 

YES, by request of the applicant, any time prior to the publication order. The Office will defer publication for the time specified in the request, which may not exceed 12 months from the filing date of the application. 

Registration Proceeding Outline: 

Filing. Formal and Substantive examinations. Publication period. Opposition period. Decision. Certificate of registration. 


YES. From the first publication of the application until the last publication of the same, interested third parties can file an opposition. 

Average time from filing to grant: 

6-8 months. 

Term of Protection and Maintenance: 

5 years from filing, plus 2 renewals terms of 5 years each.