WIPO-administered Treaties: 

Contracting Party of the Paris Convention: YES

Contracting Party of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): YES. Due term for entry into national phase: 30 months. 

Patent Law in force: 

Patent Law 354/2000 (modified by Law 574 and Law 634) 

Types of protection available: 

Patent of Invention; Utility Model. 

Formal filing requirements: 

  • Power of Attorney duly notarized and legalized within 60 days from office action. 30 day extension of term. Original only.
  • Assignment document from the inventors duly notarized and legalized within 60 days from office action.
  • Certified copy of priority application within 90 days from office action (not required for entry into national phase of PCT applications provided that PCT/IB304 form is available). 
  • Sequence listings must be filed in WIPO Standard ST.26 format.

Filing of the patent application in a foreign language: 

NOT possible.  

Substantive examination must be requested by the applicant: 

YES, within 6 months from publication. 

Search report must be requested by the applicant: 


Observations by third parties: 

YES, at any time prior to grant. 



Average time from filing to grant: 

6-7 years 

Term of protection for patents: 

20 years from filing date. 

Term of protection for utility models: 

10 years from filing date. 

Differences between utility model and patent: 

UM suitable for utensils, instruments, tools, apparatus, devices, or any parts or improvements thereof, but not to chemical products, methods or uses; lower threshold for inventive step. 


Yearly; also during prosecution of the application. 

Compulsory licensing: 


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