WIPO-administered Treaties:

Contracting Party of The Hague System: NO. 

Applicable Law: 

Law 868/1981 and Decree Law 30007/1982 and Law 4798/12, as well as the Inter-American Convention on "Patents and Industrial Designs" (Buenos Aires 1910). Ratified by Law of 20 June 1917 and WTO " Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights " - TRIPS. Ratified by Law No. 444 of 10 November 1994. 

Grace period for filing applications, from disclosure: 

6 months. 

Multiple design applications -one application for different embodiments-available: 

YES, the application may include up to ten diversified examples of the design, provided that the products correspond to the same class and there is similarity among all 

Formal filing requirements: 

Power of Attorney, duly notarized- 60 days from filing.

Certified copy of the priority document: 90 days from filing.  

Drawings. : Three graphic or photographic representations of the design, in color if necessary.

Brief description of the design.

Identification of applicant and designer 

Locarno classification:

NO. Local classification applies.

Deferred publication: 


Registration Proceeding Outline: 

Filing. Formal examination. Substantive examination. Office Actions. Publication. Oppositions. Granting 


YES. Oppositions may be filed within 60 business days from the publication date. Cancellation actions -before Courts- may be filed within 2 years from the public use of the design. 

Average time from filing to grant: 

1 year. 

Term of Protection and Maintenance: 

5 years, counted from the filing date, plus 2 renewal terms of 5 years each.