WIPO-administered Treaties:

Contracting Party of the Madrid System: NO. 

Trade Mark Law in force: 

Trademark Law 1294/98. 


Nice classification, 11th edition. 

Multiclass Applications: 


Registrable trademarks: 

Marks may consist of one or more words, mottos, emblems, monograms, seals, names, fanciful word forms, letters and numbers in distinctive shapes or combinations and arrangements of colors, labels, containers and wrapping. Shapes, presentation or packaging of products or their containers or wrapping or the mode or place in which the corresponding products or service are provided are also included.  

Formal filing requirements: 

  • Power of Attorney duly notarized within 60 working days from the application date. Unextendable.
  • Certified copy of priority application within 90 days from filing. The translation of the priority application must be signed by a local sworn translator. 


Absolute grounds for refusal: YES.

Relative grounds for refusal: YES. 

Opposition period: 

60 days from publication. 

Average time from filing to grant: 

Approximately 12 months, unless any obstacles were raised. 

Term of protection: 

10 years from the date of registration. 

Use requirements: 

YES. Cancellation can be requested if the trademark has not been used for 5 years, counting from the registration date. Partial cancellation is not possible. 

Renewal terms: 

1 year prior to renewal date.

Grace period: 6 months. 

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