WIPO-administered Treaties:

Contracting Party of The Hague System: NO. 

Applicable Law: 

Law No. 17,164. TRIPS 

Grace period for filing applications, from disclosure: 

6 months. 

Multiple design applications -one application for different embodiments-available: 


Formal filing requirements: 

Power of Attorney.30 days from filing. Merely signed.  

Priority document when applicable, translated by local sworn translator. 180 days from filing.  

Drawings displaying all views of the design.

Description not required.

Locarno classification: 


Deferred publication: 

YES. 12 months. 

Registration Proceeding Outline: 

Filing. Publication request within a 12 months term since the priority date, upon which the application is effectively published within 1-2 months. Payment of examination fees. Decision. 


YES. Oppositions can be filed within 60 days from the publication. Nullity actions are also possible, within 5 years from granting or within 3 years from exploitation, whichever term expires first. 

Average time from filing to grant: 

12-18 months. 

Term of Protection and Maintenance: 

10 years, extendable for 5 additional years (payment of the renewal fee has to be made in the tenth year, requesting the extension for the additional 5 years). Annuities have to be attended in order to preserve the rights.