Knowing the latest technology helps in deciding the path that research must follow

Technological surveillance is an organised, selective and permanent process that provides information on the latest developments within your sector, so that you can make more informed decisions concerning your activity.

We research the latest developments in science and technology, and we select the information, we analyse it, and inform you accordingly so that you can anticipate changes successfully. 

Customised technological surveillance: a bespoke solution

  • It is essential to design a technological surveillance strategy that is unique and customised. At H&A we take into account your needs and your fields of activity. 
  • We define the search parameters so as to separate the noise from the rest of the information. 
  • We solely extract the results that are of interest to you. 

How is the information obtained and provided

  • Our surveillance encompasses sixty million document families.  
  • We assess patents and patent applications in six regional offices and in over one hundred overseas offices.
  • We review utility models from thirty-eight countries. 

We offer three types of surveillance

  • Technological Surveillance of Technology Portfolios: We inspect a particular technology portfolio or a family of patents. 
  • Technological Surveillance of owners: We monitor the inventions of companies within a particular technological sector or various sectors, if required. 
  • Technological Surveillance Alerts: We monitor the publication of patents that are similar to yours. 

These reports may be monthly, fortnightly, quarterly or biannually, as required and permitted by the economic sector in which you have your activity. The reports are provided in pdf format.  

Do you know what type of technological surveillance you require?
We help you choose.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.