Invest: register your trademark

Protecting your business is vital. Doing so taking care of all the legal aspects is fundamental.

Registering the trademark is the first important step towards the security of your business.

With the filing of a trademark application and its subsequent registration, you safeguard, defend, assure, dispel problems and pave the way for the survival of your project.

The plan is simple and effective: file, register, get hold of your trademark, delegate its defence and enjoy the calm.

To protect your investment, your obligation is to protect your trademark

Register your trademark and do it properly! 

  • A global trademark does not exist. It must be protected country by country. 
  • There are international treaties that allow certain registrations with a broader geographical scope. 
  • Trademarks must be registered as used. 
  • A registered trademark has an economic value that can become very high. 
  • The trademark is the ID of the good that you sell or the service that you provide. 

We help you

  • We research the viability of your trademark. 
  • We present the best short and medium-term solutions. 
  • We prepare all the documentation and file the registration application. 
  • We defend your trademark against any attack. 
  • We provide a worldwide watch service to detect trademarks that are similar to yours, and confront them. 
  • We value your trademark and audit your trademark portfolio. 
  • We study and manage your trademark portfolio and provide advice based on the goods and services of interest to you. 
  • All of which.... acting in all countries around the world. 

Each company is different and needs its own type of trademark.
We advise you.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.