Small investment. A lot of value

The investment in domain names is minimal. However, with said investment you prevent third parties from using your name on the Internet.

Without needing the intervention of any other administration: the first applicant obtains the domain name. It’s that easy, that effective. 

Over 300 million domain names have been granted: it is important to choose wisely

  • The new generic domain names (gTLD) allow your domain name to give an account of what you do. 
  • Having a network of domain names ensures better business opportunities on the web. 
  • Your trademarks must be coherent with your domain names. 
  • A domain name is not sufficient. You need to create a website and choose where to host it, how to position it and how to protect it.  
  • You need anti-spam filters, alternative servers to protect yourself against undesired web outages, customised cloud space. You require security.  
  • If you are going to buy a domain name, you need an escrow agent. 
  • You must have your own hosting and cloud, without resizing, and which is flexible, so as to expand if necessary. 

We help you choose

  • We plan policies for the attainment, development, reunification and optimisation of domain names. 
  • Our 360 platform allows you to locate all the domain names that are registered incorporating your trademark, in any extension and country in the world.
  • And we render Service Alerts, by monitoring said domain names and offering you complete information about their owner, the Whois history, the website history, etc.
  • We update the ownership particulars and negotiate the acquisition of third-party domain names. 
  • We pre-register domain names in all the new gLTDs. 
  • Backorders. 
  • Advanced DNS, hosting and cloud management. 
  • Parking of domain names. 
  • We install SSL certificates for the secure transfer of information. 
  • We design and/or host websites. 
  • We act as escrow agents in domain name transactions. 
  • We are registered agents for the “.es”, ".eu" AND ".cat" domain and we are recognised by ICANN via our subsidiary AGN.
  • We register your domain names in more than 900 different extensions.
  • We have Local Contacts in all countries.
  • We review and audit your domain portfolio worldwide based on your brands and action zones.

Choosing a domain name is a delicate matter.
As is protecting it. We advise you.


At H&A we are trademarks. But also patents. And intellectual property. And digital law. And much more.