The crucial importance of labelling and health approvals for the commercialization of a product

One of the biggest brakes on the marketing of products is the compliance in each country with the requirements of labelling and health approvals of products. In each country the requirements and standards are different and almost always subject to complications that transcend the very nature of the product.

At H&A we are aware of these difficulties, especially in countries where bureaucratic procedures may delay the commercialization of products in a way that leads to product sales beyond the expectations that have been raised.

At H&A we have a team specialized in the management and processing of administrative permits, and review of labelling standards and regulations; that allow us to shorten the time it takes to obtain the corresponding authorizations and unify those portfolios with the IP rights that co-depend with them. Specifically, we specialize in:

Application and Modification of:

  • Production, packaging, labelling, etc. authorizations
  • Marketing, distribution, transport and collection authorizations.
  • Import/Export Authorizations.

Analysis and procedures of:

  • Approval of Labels (required for the issuance of a permit).
  • EC approval or equivalents of labels; and
  • Analysis of non-mandatory labels to comply with labelling regulations.

We provide these services in Spain, in the European Union and in Latin America.

Why might you need our services?

  • Obtaining authorizations to market a product can be a long and complicated task.
  • Complying with local product labelling specifications is sometimes an arduous task that delays the marketing of a product.
  • It is not only important to be equipped with a trademark or a patent that protects our product. It is also necessary to combine this protection with obtaining health registrations or administrative authorizations, as well as labelling requirements, which are required in each country.
  • Our team is used to dealing with administrative procedures in a wide variety of countries where we provide this type of service.

What do we do for you?

  • We unify the Trademark and Patent portfolios with the Regulatory and Sanitary Approval Portfolios.
  • We handle administrative procedures for MEDICINES (Human or Veterinary), HEALTH PRODUCTS, COSMETICS, PERSONAL CARE, FOOD and DRINKS
  • We carry out and unify administrative procedures in several countries in Europe and Latin America.
  • We simplify the administrative and formal requirements for approvals

Accreditation of health and food quality is necessary to market products. Leave it in our hands.


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